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The truth about umbilical cord stem cells

Many scientific and lay articles as well as discussions have been dedicated to the cryopreservation of stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood. Before presenting sound scientific arguments, it is necessary to emphasize the obvious: In science there is always need to present different, often conflicting, points of view based on research results. This discussion must be based on scientific grounds and taking into consideration different points of view, both seriously and objectively.

With respect to the highest scientific standards and its strong scientific interests, Biophylaxis has created a Scientific Advisory Committee, comprised of prominent Greek scientists from Greece and abroad. The members of the Scientific Advisory Committee are experienced scientists with expertise and extensive publications in their respective fields of research, either in the field of stem cells or in the broader field of cell differentiation and function. The Board's scope is to advise and update Biophylaxis on the novel developments in the field of stem cells.